The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Sourcing for Digicams

Wondering where else to get your digicam now that we are closing down? Don’t worry, we got you! 

In this guide, we will provide our sources to you so you can source your digicam yourself, direct from the supplier (and not pay middleman fees and save some money!). 

Before you buy, you need to have done your research on which digicam you want exactly and you need to have the model of the digicam you want on hand.

Or if you are just looking for a digicam from a particular series, that works as well. 

Online Source: Buyee 

Buyee allows you to directly buy digicams from sellers in Japan. 

Once you get to the website, key in the model that you are interested in. For the purposes of this guide, we will be taking the example of the highly-popular Sony Cybershot DSC WX series. 

Key the model into the search box like this:

Go to the filter selection and tick the ‘buyout price’ filter:

Now the search results are available, we need to see if the cams are working.

The third listing looks good and cute, so let’s click on that to see the listing and description.

To check and know more about the item description and working condition, click on the translate button and you can see the description provided by the seller. 

Here, the seller describes the camera as having a good exterior, the optical and the operating systems. Overall, this camera is in pretty good shape. 

Tip: Check the product images, and see if the seller has included accessories like battery, charger and card. However, these are not deal breakers as you can source accessories as well, which we will cover in this guide. 


Now, all you need to do is click ‘win for buyout price’ and the camera is yours! 


After this, you would need to wait for the camera to arrive at the warehouse and make payment to get it shipped to Singapore. 


If you cannot find the model that you are looking for, come back a couple of days later as the listings refresh everyday and we never had a camera we cannot source within the span of a week. 


By using Buyee to source for your digicam, you can save 30-50% of the price you would normally pay for a digicam locally. It may take time for the camera to arrive, but in our experience, shipping usually takes 6-7 days. If you are able to wait, you can save quite a bit of money which you can use for something else! 


Overseas Source: Thailand 


As some of you may already know, Thailand is a great place to source for digicams.


If you are going on a holiday to Bangkok soon, why not check out Bangsue Junction Shopping Center? 


This massive 6-storey shopping mall is located opposite the famous Chatuchak Market, making it easily accessible.


One seller that is highly popular would be JJ Film Camera. They have been in business for a long time, and they sell highly popular models in great condition. Their prices are pretty affordable too! 

They do international shipping as well, so if you aren’t going to Bangkok soon, it would be no issue! 


Accessories Source  


In case your digicam comes without accessories, or you would like to get extra accessories like batteries, you can find them easily on Aliexpress, Lazada or Shopee. 


We find that Aliexpress has the widest selection of batteries, chargers and memory cards. For Aliexpress, we recommend buying from HQIX or Powertrust Official Store. 


To find the accessories compatible with your camera, you just need to search the camera model’s battery type. You can find it on the camera manual as well (just google ‘camera model’ manual).


Final Words


As we move on from, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us in any way over the past three years. 


We hope that by providing this information to everyone, you will be able to find any digicam that you like without paying the high prices as we have seen from other sellers on the market. 


Good luck, and goodbye for now!




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